Kay Grimm and Sue Spicer, Owners of Basic Roots Community Foods

The two started Basic Roots back in 2005 to address the lack of availability to nutritious, local foods. Supported by a network of 12-15 farmers, Basic Roots provides year round, farm fresh produce to the doors of the Willard Park neighborhood by golf cart. Zipping up and down the streets of Willard Park on Tuesdays and Sundays, Grimm and Spicer provide the community with greens, veggies, and even some berries from their very own Fruit Loop Acres, a Permacultured fruit farm.

Kay and Sue

Currently, Grimm and Spicer are also involved in another project developed off the Basic Roots skeleton.

Their idea is called Greenstreets, and will it be a part of the Willard Park Quality of Life Initiative, a project supported by the Willard Park of Holy Cross-Westminister Civic Alliance. With the help of Global Peace Initiatives, five stakeholders within Willard Park will receive hands on training for year round produce production at Peaceful Grounds. With this training, each will return to the Willard Park neighborhood to take leadership over one or two lots to develop an urban garden.

With additional support from the Indy Food Fund, Spicer and Grimm plan to replicate the Basic Roots Community Foods' business model in efforts to reach a larger portion of the community with the addition of a larger and more efficient vehicle. This development will increase the visual utility of Willard Park and will continue to enhance efforts to develop sustainability practices throughout the community.

And it all begins with healthy, nutritious, locally-grown food.